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Light & Medium Duty Tow

Reach out to our towing company for services in Kansas City.

Transport Your Vehicles and Equipment Across Long Distances.

Do you have construction equipment that you need to move across the state? Does your car need to be brought to an autobody shop? Call the pros at MAXX TOWING for light and medium towing services in Kansas City. Our team uses quality, up-to-date towing equipment to make sure your vehicle can be towed long distances safely.


Call us at (913)306-8411 now to set up an appointment with our towing company.

What counts as light and medium-duty towing?

Our light and medium-duty towing services can be used to tow small and mid-sized vehicles or equipment. This includes:

  • Cars

  • Motorcycles

  • Sheds

  • Bobcats

  • Trackhoes

  • Tractors

Want to know if your vehicle qualifies for our services? Get in touch with our towing company for more information.

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